Keep tabs on your screen time

Being back at work, college or school can mean spending unavoidable hours in front of computers and smartphones. Get tips on how to offset the effects on your eyes and help keep them feeling and looking in great health.

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Your eyes face challenges from the elements, allergies, and other irritants every day.

That’s why at Vizulize, we make it easy for you to look after your eyes by offering the latest innovative products to soothe, protect and care for them every day.

Soothing solutions for dry eyes

Relieve the discomfort of dry eyes caused by hot or windy environments, extended screen time, contact lens wear or ageing with our hydrating range of products.

Vizulize Dry Eye Mist

Eye care tips

All-round advice and guidance for you and your family.

A person putting in a contact lens
Eye health and contact lenses

Everything you need to know about maintaining great eye health with contact lenses.

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Menopause and dry eyes: the lesser-known symptom

Find out how the menopause can affect your eyes, along with practical ways to reduce discomfort.

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Simple ways to look after your eyes as you get older

Find out why keeping your eyes in great condition doesn’t have to be difficult.