NHS Cost Savings

The VIZ Rx range provides the NHS with cost savings with other leading ocular lubricants. Active ingredient(s) Brand Presentation Preservative Free (Y/N) Price (£) Carmellose 0.5% VIZcellose® 0.5% Carmize 0.5% Cellusan Light PF Drops 0.5% Celluvisc 0.5% 10ml drop bottle 10ml drop bottle 10ml drop bottle 10ml drop bottle UDV Y N Y Y Y […]

Viz Product Range

VIZcellose® VIZcellose® 0.5% Carmellose Eye Drops READ CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU START TO USE THE PRODUCT VIZcellose 0.5% is a sterile, ophthalmic strong moisturising and protective solution, with physiological pH, based upon carmellose. Thanks to the OSD closure system- able to preserve the microbiological, chemical and physical characteristics of the solution – VIZcellose 0.5% does not […]

Treatment Guidelines

National Guidance It is estimated that up to 8 million people suffer from dry eyes in the UK and that up to 1 in 3 patients aged 65 years or older suffer from dry eye symptoms3. Dry eye syndrome, or dry eye disease, is a common condition that occurs when the eyes don’t make enough […]

Range Overview and EM Pharma

The VIZ Rx ocular lubricant range is designed to be a cost-effective option for the treatment of mild, moderate and severe dry eyes1. EM Pharma is one of the largest suppliers of ocular lubricants in the UK through its supply of VizulizeTM OTC range and other brands to the UK Pharmacy sector such as Boots, […]

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