Eye care tips

Our eyes face challenges every day, whether it’s intensive computer screen time, the natural effects of ageing or simply the changing seasons. Our advice articles offer a wealth of information, guidance and helpful tips to help keep your eyes looking and feeling their very best.

A bird’s-eye view of people working with laptops and smartphones
How screen time can affect your eyes

We explain how eyes are impacted by computer and mobile screens and what you can do to offset the effects.

A portrait photo of a woman smiling
Menopause and dry eyes: the lesser-known symptom

Find out how the menopause can affect your eyes, along with practical ways to reduce discomfort.

A person putting in a contact lens
Eye health and contact lenses

Everything you need to know about maintaining great eye health with contact lenses.

An older couple out walking in a field
Simple ways to look after your eyes as you get older

Find out why keeping your eyes in great condition doesn’t have to be difficult.

A woman backpacking through a forest
5 ways to protect your eyes in the great outdoors

Love exercising outside? Here’s how to ensure your eyes have the best protection.

A woman in a snowy Christmas market
Keep your eyes sparkling and healthy this festive season

Read our tips to prevent late nights and busy schedules taking their toll on your eyes.

A close-up of flowers in a field
How to manage hay fever symptoms

Don’t let hay fever ruin your day – learn more about the condition and get tips to soothe your eyes.

A person takes a photo of the winter sun
How autumn and winter can affect your eyes

Read our advice for dealing with the colder months – from low temperatures to long nights.