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Eyes that are dull, lacklustre, or losing their sparkle are often caused by today’s busy and demanding lifestyles. Lack of sleep, long working hours, spending too much time staring at computer and mobile device screens and late nights can all have an impact – but in some instances it could also be health-related. Discover the causes and treatment solutions for dull eyes and advice on how to help prevent them.

Causes of dull eyes

Dull eyes are not usually a serious problem, as they’re generally caused by lifestyle factors, like too much screen time or too many late nights. However, they could also be a natural side effect of ageing or a medical condition:

  • Ageing
    As we get older we tend to lose collagen around our eyes, which can make the skin darker and more wrinkled. This is a completely natural process and needn’t be a cause for concern.
  • Hormonal changes
    The menopause, or other times where hormonal balances dramatically change, can also cause eyes to appear dull.
  • Eye diseases or changes in vision
    Eye problems like cataracts or corneal ulcers don’t just impact our ability to see, but also the appearance of our eyes. As a result, eyes can lose their natural brightness.
  • Other medical conditions
    Jaundice, diabetes, cancer and other illnesses can also result in symptoms that affect the whiteness of your eyes.

While dull eyes are a fairly common occurrence, consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist as this may be a sign of an underlying healthcare condition.

Treating dull eyes

If your eyes are looking lacklustre, try these tips to help restore their sparkle:

  • Home remedies
    Placing chilled tea bags or cucumber slices onto closed eyelids are thought to help restore the eye’s natural brightness.
  • Use a specialist eye care product
    Brightening eye drops can help revive eyes by making them look whiter. Vizulize Natural Eye Brightener Drops feature natural plant extracts of euphrasia and chamomile, known for their brightening, reviving and soothing properties. They are pH balanced to the eye’s tear fluid, so as not to sting on application.

After using the product, dull eyes caused by your lifestyle should look visibly brighter and feel more comfortable. Note that dull eyes caused by an underlying medical condition will require specific treatment recommended by a healthcare professional. Please get in touch with your doctor if symptoms persist.

Preventing dull eyes

Dull eyes caused by lifestyle factors should recover and feel more comfortable by resting your eyes and following some self-help tips. Making small changes to your lifestyle can do wonders to help prevent dull eyes:

  • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep
    The Sleep Council recommends between 7 and 9 hours for 18 to 65 year olds.
  • Take regular breaks from close up work and activities
    Try the 20/20/20 rule – for every 20 minutes of close up work, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
  • Cut down on alcohol
    Alcohol causes dehydration, which can make your eyes have less sparkle.
  • Keep hydrated
    Drink plenty of water and eat more water-based fruit and vegetables.

By following these tips, your chances of developing lifestyle-induced dull eyes should reduce.

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