Dry Eye Syndrome and Treatment Guidelines

Dry Eye Syndrome, also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca, is a chronic condition characterised by inflammation of the ocular surface and a reduction in quality and/or quantity of tears.  Dry Eye Syndrome is usually categorised into either aqueous or evaporative tear deficiency, but these can overlap and co-exist. Aqueous tear deficiency is when there is a […]


  Carmellose (CMC) is a polysaccharide, a biological polymer, known as mucilage. It increases the residence of tears on the eye surface, as well as increasing the viscosity of the tear film.  The properties of carmellose protects the eye against irritation, and moisturizes the ocular surface, thus relieving the sensation of discomfort caused by dry […]


  Sodium Hyaluronate is a viscous polymer used for its moisturising and lubricating effects. Sodium Hyaluronate provides a protective, viscoelastic film across the ocular mucosa; which acts as an active barrier against external agents, and which helps to counteract symptoms of dry eye. VIZhyal 0.1% VIZhyal 0.1% is a sterile, ophthalmic solution that soothes and […]

Healthcare Professional Range Overview

Suitable for treatment of mild, moderate and severe dry eyes, providing long-lasting relief from eye discomfort and dryness; including post-surgery treatment All drops are preservative free Both VIZcellose drops and VIZhyal 0.4% are phosphate free All are contacts lens friendly; each drop is suitable for use without having to remove lenses All use 10ml, sterile, […]

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