Vizulize Allergy Eye Treatment

Vizulize Irritated Eye Drops 10ml.
Vizulize Irritated Eye Drops

Nyugtató és tartós enyhülést nyújt az irritált, viszkető szem számára.

Vizulize Irritated Eye Mist 10ml.
Vizulize Irritated Eye Spray

A szemcseppek egyszerű alternatívája, amely megnyugtatja és enyhíti az irritált, viszkető szemet.

Vizulize Multi Action Eye Wash 10ml.
Vizulize Eye Wash for Allergies

Gyengéd öblítés a fáradt, irritált és érzékeny szemek megnyugtatására és frissítésére.

Soothe and relieve irritated, itchy eyes caused by hay fever, dust and other allergies with our range of Irritated Eye drops and spray featuring natural plant extracts. Alternatively, our gentle eye wash rinses away irritants to leave your eyes feeling cool and refreshed.

If you need eye relief for allergies, you’ve come to the right place. Soothe the irritation and itching caused by hay fever, dust and other allergies with our range of allergy eye treatments. All of these products are designed to be suitable for use with contact lenses for maximum convenience, and they are pH balanced to be kind to your eyes.

Vizulize Irritated Eye Drops have been specially formulated to provide long-lasting relief for eyes affected not only by hay fever and other allergies, but also exposure to dust, smoke, air conditioning and bright lights. The drops contain natural plant extracts of witch hazel and Calendula, which are known for their cooling, soothing properties.

If you find drops inconvenient or difficult to use, our Vizulize Irritated Eye Spray could be the perfect alternative. Also featuring plant extracts of witch hazel and Calendula, this product is applied simply by spraying a fine mist onto your closed eyelids. You can use it on the go, and it can even be applied over waterproof makeup. Like our drops, it provides fast and effective relief.

When you need to refresh tired, sensitive and irritated eyes, you can reach for Vizulize Eye Wash for Allergies. With a multi-action formula, it washes away irritants to leave your eyes feeling soothed and cleansed. It also features an effective lubricant to keep your eyes hydrated. Choose from 100ml and 300ml sizes. Whichever you go for, your wash will come with an easy-to-use eye bath. Vizulize Eye Wash for Allergies is ideal for removing particles such as pollen, dust, smoke and grit, and it can alleviate the discomfort caused by extensive screen time, contact lens wear, intense close up work and exposure to central heating and air conditioning.

To find out more about this wash, or our allergy eye spray or drops, simply click the links on this page or contact our team today.

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