Vizulize Contact Cleaning Solution

Vizulize All-in-One Contact Lens Cleaning Solution 360ml.
Vizulize All In One Contact Lens Cleaning Solution

Kiváló megoldás, amely bármilyen típusú lencsét megtisztít, ken és fertőtlenít.

Vizulize All-in-One Soft Contact Lens Cleaning Solution 360ml.
Vizulize All in One Soft Contact Lens Cleaning Solution

Kiválóan alkalmas lágy kontaktlencsék tisztítására és fertőtlenítésére, kényelmesebbé téve azok viselését a szemben.

Vizulize Saline Solution for sensitive eyes 360ml.
Vizulize Saline Solution

Minden típusú lencse öblítéséhez, rehidratálásához és tárolásához, valamint a fehérje-eltávolító tabletták feloldásához.

Each product in our range of contact lens cleaning solutions has been specially developed to maintain exceptional hygiene levels that keep your contacts in optimal condition. This helps to maximum comfort and protection for your eyes.

Aside from guarding your lenses, keeping them as clean and moisturised as possible is also vitally important for the health of your eyes. It’s common for contact lens users to suffer from dry eyes, particularly if their job requires long periods of intense concentration or prolonged spells of staring at screens.

While you can still wear contact lenses if you have naturally dry eyes, using a lens solution that gently lubricates and disinfects your lenses daily is strongly advised. When it comes to taking care of your contacts, finding a solution that works best for you and fitting it into your daily eye care routine is paramount. Whatever your specific needs, here at Vizulize we have the right contact lens treatment for you.

Our range of quality contact lens solutions includes Vizulize All In One Contact Lens Cleaning Solution. This superior dual-moisturising formula cleans, hydrates and disinfects all types of lenses and is proven to effectively remove any protein deposits that naturally build up during a day’s use. We also offer our Soft Contact Lens Cleaning Solution – ideal if you wear soft lenses.

Alternatively, Vizulize Saline Solution is also a popular choice when it comes to contact lens care. This gentle solution can be used with both hard and soft contact lenses, as well those made from silicone hydrogel, and is perfect for rinsing, rehydrating and storing your lenses. As with all of these products, once you start using our Vizulize Saline Solution it will soon become a key part of your daily lens care regime.

For more information on any of these products, simply click the links on this page or contact our team directly. Our helpful experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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