Vizulize Eye Spray for Tired Eyes

Vizulize Cooling & Soothing Eye Drops 10ml.
Vizulize Cooling & Soothing Eye Drops

Speciális készítmény, amely azonnali hűtést és nyugtató enyhülést kínál a száraz, fáradt és irritált szem számára.

Vizulize Multi Action Eye Wash 10ml.
Vizulize Eye Wash for Allergies

Gyengéd öblítés a fáradt, irritált és érzékeny szemek megnyugtatására és frissítésére.

Revive tired eyes with our expertly formulated range of soothing and hydrating eye care products. Created to lubricate and moisturise tired and strained eyes, choose from our specialist eye drops featuring natural plant extract of witch hazel or our gentle eye wash to cleanse and revitalise the eyes.

The demands of modern lifestyles and ever-changing environmental factors mean there are many potential tired eye causes – from working in air-conditioned offices and staring at the screens of computers and mobile devices for prolonged periods to driving long distances or a simple lack of sleep. In simple terms, any activity that involves either extended or overly-intense eye concentration can lead to tired or strained eyes, as can environmental factors such as humidity, temperature or air pollution. Regardless of the cause of your tired eyes, here at Vizulize we have the right treatment for you.

An alternative to eye spray for tired eyes, our range of products includes the Vizulize Cooling & Soothing Eye Drops and Vizulize Eye Wash. Each solution in this range is pH balanced to perfection, matching your eyes’ natural tear fluid level so there is no stinging during application. For complete convenience, all products are also suitable for contact lense users.

Providing instant relief from all forms of tired and irritated eyes, our soothing eye drops contain natural plant extracts. Just two drops in each eye is all it takes to soothe and cool persistently dry and tired eyes.

Alternatively, our Vizulize Eye Wash may be your preferred tired eyes treatment. Available in 100ml and 300ml sizes and complete with an easy-to-use eye bath, this product provides gentle yet effective relief for tired, sensitive eyes. Formulated to act as a lubricant for your eyes, this specially developed multi-action wash cleanses the eye of irritants and fights signs of tiredness to leave your eyes feeling soothed and rejuvenated.

To find out more about any of our tired eye products, simply click the links on this page or contact our team directly. Here at Vizulize, our experts are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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