Dry eyes

Relieve dry eyes with our expertly formulated products, designed to lubricate and moisturise. Available in spray and drop options, as well as different levels of moisture intensity, we’ve ensured there’s a dry eyes treatment that’s just right for you.

Vizulize Dry eye drops
Vizulize Dry Eye Drops

Effective and long-lasting relief for dry, tired and sensitive eyes.

Vizulize Intensive Dry Eye Drops
Vizulize Intensive Dry Eye Drops

Our most intensive formula for relieving and soothing dry and sensitive eyes.

Vizulize Dry Eye Mist
Vizulize Dry Eye Mist

A simple and convenient alternative to eye drops that soothes and relieves dry eyes.

Vizulize Hypromellose Eye Drops
Vizulize Hypromellose 0.3% Eye Drops

Get immediate relief for dry and irritated eyes.

Vizulize Cooling and Soothing Eye Drops
Vizulize Cooling & Soothing Eye Drops

A specialist formulation providing immediate cooling and soothing relief for dry, tired and irritated eyes.